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25.11.2013 14:08 | Category: Press, News, Events

IANES workshops were held in Upper Austria, in Arnhem/Netherlands, in Zrece/Slovenia and Berlin.

Workshop in Upper Austria

An IANES workshop was held at a caretaking school in Upper Austria in November 2013. 20 students and two facilitators were participating in workshop and applied the IANES tools for reflecting and planning of an organizational process from their domain (organizing practical placements and internships). IANES was introduced by members of JKU staff and motivated from a practical perspective to the participants.

Workshop at HAN University Arnhem/Netherlands

IANES was invited for a presentation and workshop at HAN university of applied sciences in Arnhem in the Netherlands. The event was hosted by Dr. Stijn Hoppenbrouwers, who is a renowned researcher in the field of collaborative modeling for facilitating articulation of work knowledge. The presentation of IANES was given by Stefan Oppl in front of about 30 attendants. In a subsequent workshop, 6 participants practically explored the IANES instruments with a focus on the Comprehand methodology.

Workshop in Zrece/Slovenia

Similar to the IANES workshop in a healthcare setting, another workshop was held in an educational setting in industrial production in January 2014. The workshop was hosted by a production school in Zrece in Slowenia. Contact was established via the FARAW project in which some of the IANES instruments are deployed as described already above. 30 students participated in a two-day workshop, in which IANES instruments were deployed in a practical production and factory logistics setting. The IANES instruments were used to reflect upon the processes, make visible the dependencies among the actors and enable the students to explore options for modifications of the process.

Workshop in Berlin

A workshop held in Berlin in March 2014 made also possible to reflect upon and plan processes along the emergency caretaking process chain across medical disciplines. The  workshop was held at the premises of a partner institution of Metasonic, that also provided access to the interactive modeling table hosted there. Participants of the workshop were recruited from the IB "Hochschule für medizinische Berufe" in Berlin, who took part in the workshop as a part of their education in interdisciplinary process management in the medical sector. 15 participants explored the use of the S-BPM version of the interactive modeling table for process reflection and provided valuable feedback in terms of usability for the specific task and overall appropriateness of the instrument. While currently on hold, cooperation with the IB Hochschule is planned to be continued in the final year of IANES.