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IANES (Interactive Acquisition, Negotiation and Enactment of Subject-Oriented Business Process Knowledge) addresses the requirements of in-situ process knowledge acquisition and alignment. The aim of the project is providing a set of socio-technical instruments to support members of an organization in elicitating, negotating and improving their knowledge about individual and organizational work practices and interfaces.



CATT Success Story

24.11.2013 09:41 | Category: Press, News, Events

In cooperation with the Federal Upper Austrian research support agency CATT, JKU has published a success... | read more

ERASMUS Intensive Programme SURGEOM

11.08.2013 17:53 | Category: Press, News, Events

Supported by IANES | read more

INFER Workshop

28.04.2013 18:05 | Category: Press, News

IANES at the International Conference on Innovation through Knowledge Transfer in Bournemouth/UK. | read more