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Johannes Kepler University Linz

The Department of Business Information Systems - Communications Engineering at the Kepler University of Linz focuses its research on the design, implementation, and examination of socio-technical systems. The department has ever since focused on different aspects of learning support, including technological, pedagogical, and psychological approaches. Active research is currently conducted in the field of knowledge acquisition and alignment using tangible tabletop user interfaces, flexible knowledge representation using Topic Map, and self-directed knowledge acquisition and reflection using reformist-pedagogical approaches.

Website: www.ce.jku.at/en

Metasonic GmbH

Metasonic GmbH develops methods and tools in the field of business process management (BPM). The Metasonic BPM tool suite is based on the subject-oriented BPM approach. In this BPM approach, the parties involved in process are in focus of process modeling and implementation. The Metasonic tool suite is used in big international companies located in e.g. Germany, Japan, Russia, etc.

Website: www.metasonic.de/en/

INFOMEDIAservices GmbH

Infomedia is an innovative content- and information-management company. Its services allow process industry to advance in organizational development. As a major technology provider, they also will guide industry-relevant technology assessments. Infomedia developed the methodology "smart4sense2act" which supports system-thinking and helps to evaluate the business-needs for a S-BPM implementation, transform these knowledge for the relevant actions, activities, and their deliverables and validate these results with the former expectations.

Website: www.infomedia.at